EP03: Why Your Marriage Sucks and What Can You Do About It with Adele Currin

EP03: Why Your Marriage Sucks and What Can You Do About It with Adele Currin


About this episode

Marriage as a lifetime commitment requires both team efforts and own individuality. So, we invited Adele Curry to help us easily understand the causes of marital conflicts and the best way to resolve them. Your relationship healing starts from within, so dive into this episode!


Key takeaways to listen for

  • The application of RTT and how it unravels your subconscious 

  • Why childhood experiences program marriage dynamics

  • What’s required for traditional marriage therapy?

  • How a couple’s mutual happiness can aid marital conflict




About Adele Currin

Adele worked as a registered nurse and shifted to a career in fitness and health coaching; helping people become their healthiest selves has always been as a  lifelong passion. After going through her divorce and transition to becoming a single mother, she knew she wanted to use that experience to help others contemplating a breakup. Taking care of the body has always been her passion, and through her work today, she can also care for the heart and spirits of her clients.


Connect with Adele 

Linktr.ee: @adelecurrin

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