Ep45: How Transforming Your Parenting Can Revolutionize Your Happiness with Cassidy Callan

Ep45: How Transforming Your Parenting Can Revolutionize Your Happiness with Cassidy Callan

Podcast: How to Be Happier for Entrepreneurs

About this episode

Parenthood and entrepreneurship both come with their challenges, but what if the key to mastering both lies in rethinking how you parent? Cassidy Callan joins us to explore this radical yet empowering idea. She brings a wealth of experience in special education and personal development, delving into how parents’ emotional states shape their children’s behavior—and, by extension, their own happiness and even their business. Learn actionable ways to ‘reparent’ yourself for a harmonious family life and a thriving entrepreneurial journey.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Understanding the essentials of healthy and peaceful parenting

  • Parents’ guide to navigating their child’s behavioral issues

  • A deep dive into Cassidy’s inspiring story and mission 

  • What is the mirror effect principle and its impact on an adult

  • How intentional parenting can reshape a child’s behavior




About Cassidy Callan

Cassidy is working with students with special needs, the reason that completely opened her heart, and allowed her to step into her purpose. These children need people taking a stand for them and their possibilities. They need people to believe in them, to empower them, and to hold them high. In the meantime, Cassidy also acknowledge that she is not able to give them all that they deserve in my own.


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