Ep82: Turning Waste into Wealth: Mastering Personal and Financial Growth with Brian Bogert

Ep82: Turning Waste into Wealth: Mastering Personal and Financial Growth with Brian Bogert


About this episode

In this enlightening episode, we dive into the transformative journey from personal struggles to prosperity. Our guest, a seasoned coach and speaker, Brian Bogert, shares his unique approach to raising self-awareness, reducing self-judgment, and assuming full ownership of one’s life. We’ll explore the real challenges behind masculine bravado, address common fears surrounding money, and discuss actionable strategies for converting life’s adversities into assets. Join us as we learn to harness our inner and outer resources to achieve a more fulfilling and financially free life.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The importance of raising awareness and understanding emotional triggers 

  • How past traumas influence current behaviors and decision-making 

  • Why you need to understand and address your past pains

  • Practical steps to pivot from feeling stuck and overwhelmed 

  • A masterclass on recognizing and managing emotional triggers 


About Brian Bogert

Brian Bogert is a passionate human behavior and performance coach, speaker, business strategist, top sales professional, and philanthropic leader who believes in helping growth-minded individuals achieve the best version of themselves: their most authentic selves.

Brian teaches how to leverage radical authenticity and awareness to create the intentional life you’ve been dreaming of but have struggled to create. His revolutionary strategy—embrace the pain to avoid suffering—has helped individuals and companies break beyond their normal to achieve the success in life and business that they’ve always wanted. If you want to create a life of no limits and gain freedom, Brian and his team will get you there.


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