EP15: How to Make Massive Shifts in Happiness in Days Not Years with Marissa Warren

EP15: How to Make Massive Shifts in Happiness in Days Not Years with Marissa Warren


About this episode

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut for years, waiting for happiness to come your way? Today, Marissa Warren joins us to share practical techniques to transform your life and boost your satisfaction in just days. Start living the life you’ve always wanted by tuning in!


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy: What it is and how it works 

  • How RTT helps in overcoming childhood trauma and achieving your full potential 

  • The subconscious mind and its influence on people’s behavior

  • Ultimate benefits of Rapid Transformational Therapy




About Marissa Warren

Marissa has been working with NLP and elements of CBT for the last 15 years and primarily focuses on team and business development. Her entire career has revolved around transformation, redevelopment, and redesign.  


After experiencing a major life event, she decided, “NO MORE.” She wanted to make the rest of her life as amazing as possible. Then, she discovered RTT®. You know the saying, “All roads lead to the right path” Once she had a session, she knew this aligned with her soul’s purpose. She has been fortunate to live a full life with many experiences, which helps her deliver the best possible sessions.  


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