EP14: Important Lab Markers For Happiness with Courtney Jacobs

EP14: Important Lab Markers For Happiness with Courtney Jacobs


About this episode

Revamp your health to the next level by listening to Courtney Jacobs’ transformation from being diagnosed with multiple mental disorders and chronic illnesses to total wellness. Stay tuned to discover how your diet and lifestyle influence you holistically so you can achieve radiance and happiness now!


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The brutal truth behind mental health disorders

  • Simple ways to improve your diet and wellness

  • Essential labs tests for addressing health issues

  • Why you should heal your body inside and out




About Courtney Jacobs

Courtney is a Functional Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach who has worked in the health and fitness field for 15 years. She is the creator of Final Key Wellness and the UNLOCKED program. The foundation of her work is creating bio-individual diets for clients, and these diet protocols are tailored-fit to each individual’s current health conditions, genes, and lifestyle. Courtney’s passion stems from her healing journey using diet, lifestyle, and neural retraining. She has recovered from gastrointestinal issues, SIBO, parasites, brain fog, joint pain, disordered eating, and addictions.


She works with complex health issues and helps clients get recovery from severe digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, mental health issues, stubborn weight loss, diabetes, eating disorders, brain fog, joint pain, SIBO, histamine intolerance, PMS, hormonal issues, oxalates/salicylates/lectin issues, and limbic system hypersensitivity.


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