EP23: How to Redesign Your Life For Ultimate Happiness with Chuck Allen

EP23: How to Redesign Your Life For Ultimate Happiness with Chuck Allen


About this episode

Today, we’ll explore the transformative process of redesigning your life to cultivate ultimate happiness with Chuck Allen. Join us to learn valuable insights to help you create a life that aligns with your desires and brings you lasting fulfillment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • How small changes in perception and behavior can lead to a joyful life

  • The importance of finding joy in experiences and embracing the journey

  • How to navigate tense situations and regain control 

  • What makes mindset shifts essential

  • Powerful influence of inherited scripts and beliefs in shaping our actions




About Chuck Allen

Chuck Allen is a seasoned life and career coach, former corporate executive, ardent traveler, writer, and motorcyclist who sees life and leadership from a fresh perspective. Chuck has spent 30 years aiding leaders—from Fortune 50 executives to small start-up founders—to enhance their efficacy and enjoy life more fully. With a focus on intentional living, Chuck inspires people not to delay joy until everything is perfect but to design the following chapters of their lives actively.


Cool Change Podcast is Chuck’s self-funded project, born out of his experiences as an executive coach. He observed many successful individuals struggling to balance their professional accomplishments and personal fulfillment. This podcast shares stories of individuals who have dared to reimagine their lives, offering valuable insights to help you strike that perfect balance between doing and being.


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