EP22: How Healing and Growth Will Unlock Your Greatness with Michael Edwards

EP22: How Healing and Growth Will Unlock Your Greatness with Michael Edwards


About this episode

Discover the connection between healing, personal growth, and unlocking one’s greatness in today’s episode with Michael Edwards. We’ll get an overview of Rapid Transformational Therapy, plus explore how addressing past wounds and pursuing growth can empower us to reach our full potential and lead fulfilling lives. 


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • 4 stages of self-actualization to unlock your fullest potential

  • How childhood experiences impact personal growth and programming

  • The power of Rapid Transformational Therapy 

  • Debunking misconceptions on hypnosis and learning its perks

  • How to unlock your personal power and meaningful connections with others




About Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards is a hypnotist and a coach, and he trained in a cutting-edge method of hypnotherapy called RTT created by world-renowned therapist and author Marisa Peer, who has referred to me as one of her proteges. He has been obsessed with learning from the best in the industry, sharpening his skills, and being a master of his craft. He has become recognized for being an innovator, and a thought leader, his heart lead approach, his intuition, and of course, his skill.

Michael believes we can heal from the past and become the greatest version of ourselves. This requires us to undo our old conditioning and step into our power. He’s here to assist people through this journey.


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