EP34: How Entrepreneurs Can Discover Their Life’s Purpose with Barb Smith Varclova

EP34: How Entrepreneurs Can Discover Their Life’s Purpose with Barb Smith Varclova


About this episode

On today’s show, Barb and I will discuss why it is difficult for you to find your life’s purpose and how you can fix this and find your purpose so we wake each day energized and excited to get started.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The reason behind entrepreneurs’ struggles

  • Why entrepreneurs miss their life’s purpose and how to discover it

  • How childhood trauma can affect a person 

  • 4 steps for finding certainty about your life’s direction

  • A remarkable transformation through the power of healing and self-discovery


About Barb Smith Varclova

Barb Smith Varclova studied human behavior and how the mind works for over thirty years when she learned that when people act out on unhealed trauma and pain, they cause suffering to themselves and others. Her passion and purpose are helping people heal and turn their lives for the better. She believes we can change the world by healing one person at a time through this transformative process.

Seeing people heal and experience joy instead of pain is why she dedicates her time and energy to working with people with a broad range of issues. Helping others to feel better, purposeful, healthier, and happier provides her great satisfaction. Barb’s life’s motto is “Live in service to bring change to the lives of others.”

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