EP39: Lessons on Happiness from Surviving Hurricane Ian with Ramon Gonzalez

EP39: Lessons on Happiness from Surviving Hurricane Ian with Ramon Gonzalez


About this episode

 In this episode of “How to be Happier for Entrepreneurs,” we delve into the profound lessons that can be learned from facing life’s hurricanes and storms. Our guest, Ramon Gonzalez, shares his personal journey from material success to a profound inner transformation. Discover how surviving a deadly hurricane became a catalyst for finding ultimate happiness, and explore the tools and practices that can help entrepreneurs navigate life’s challenges with resilience and joy.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Ramon’s inspiring survival and self-discovery story during Hurricane Ian

  • How does meditation alter the pursuit of happiness?

  • The significant influence of self-awareness on personal growth

  • A breakdown of the heart and happiness connection

  • Practical steps to unlock entrepreneurial success




About Ramon Gonzalez

Ramon Gonzalez is someone who is committed to uncovering what brings true fulfillment to the soul and heart while also doing things in the world, whether it’s working on a 9-figure Real Estate deal or simply being present with his wife and daughters.  He was an achiever who made some things happen: Rental Portfolio/Fix and Flip Real Estate/Wholesaler/Hard Money Lender/Apartment Investor, and Syndicator/ Digital Asset Investor – and thought those things would bring him peace, fulfillment, joy, and abundance; only to find out that those things he was chasing never brought him the fulfillment he was searching for. The treasures he was looking for were already inside of him. He then followed his heart on a new path of manifestation that has given him not only the material things but, so much more importantly, the treasures of the heart, and he desires to share some of his experiences that led him to this new way of being with you.


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