EP41: Balancing Business Success and Personal Fulfillment: Insights from Cindy Galvin

EP41: Balancing Business Success and Personal Fulfillment: Insights from Cindy Galvin


About this episode

Join us for an engaging episode where we explore the corporate world and personal growth with Cindy Galvin. With her 25 years of experience in the global energy industry and her passion for helping professionals find fulfillment, Cindy offers unique insights into achieving success and happiness in both career and life.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Top advice on finding the right and fulfilling career path

  • How transformative it is to rewire your reaction to thoughts

  • Lessons from Cindy’s career that have shaped her approach to life

  • Why some team leaders are horrible to their subordinates

  • A remarkable success story of personal transformation




About Cindy Galvin

Cindy works with CEOs, executives, and leadership teams to achieve breakthroughs that enhance productivity, boost revenues, improve employee retention, and foster alignment with the company’s vision and goals. Her approach’s crux is communication, but it’s different from your typical communication. It entails comprehending how your chosen words and delivery impact others’ brains process information. 


Cindy has guided senior managers in aligning with global change initiatives and revitalizing sales teams, enabling them to surpass ambitious targets. Senior managers who once felt disconnected from the company’s vision have experienced a complete turnaround in their perspective.


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