Ep43: Nurturing Resilience | Empowering Youth and in the Face of Anxiety and Overwhelm with Nicole Mazzucato

Ep43: Nurturing Resilience | Empowering Youth and in the Face of Anxiety and Overwhelm with Nicole Mazzucato


About this episode

In this episode of “How to Be Happier for Entrepreneurs,” we have a captivating conversation with Nicole Mazzucato, a dedicated professional specializing in self-esteem, anxiety, and overwhelm among teenagers. Join us as we explore the profound impact of building a healthy relationship with oneself and others, practicing kindness, and equipping the next generation with the tools to thrive in challenging times. Discover actionable advice and inspiring stories that shed light on the path to resilience and well-being.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Powerful tools for nurturing a positive relationship with oneself 

  • A unique therapy approach for teenagers with anxiety

  • Steps parents can take if they have a child with anxiety

  • An inspiring story of transformation, resilience, and change  

  • How hypnotherapy helps in personal and behavioral change


About Nicole Mazzucato

As an avid student of mindset, life skills, communication, psychology, and language, Nichole helps people overcome that powerful yet disempowering voice that constantly tells them they’re not quite good enough. How different would your performance in life be if that inner voice and supercritic became your personal cheerleader and no.1 fan?


Nicole has a 20-year background in the international education sector in various roles, beginning at the bottom and quickly working her way up to management and leadership. Nichole’s unique skills, outlook, and thirst for learning means that she can tailor her brand of Essential Coaching to each client’s needs. Nichole can help you make the changes you desire from the inside out and empower you to continue improving yourself long after we have worked together. 


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