Ep48: Rising to Thrive | Dr. Erica Harris on Transforming Hardship into Hope and Happiness

Ep48: Rising to Thrive | Dr. Erica Harris on Transforming Hardship into Hope and Happiness


About this episode

Dr. Erica Harris, a former sports chiropractor turned inspirational speaker and coach, steps onto our platform to share her vibrant journey from Vancouver’s wellness circles to international stages. In this episode, we uncover the mindset that catapults us to success, even amidst life’s toughest challenges. Dr. Harris, known for her close association with Dr. Gabor Maté and her powerful mission through RiseToday.com, brings bursts of inspiration and practical tools for resilience. Join us as we explore the essence of thriving, not just surviving, and learn how to own every second of your life’s story. 


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Dr. Erica’s journey of resilience and reinvention

  • The connection between unresolved childhood trauma and health

  • What you can learn from a journey of overcoming life’s obstacles

  • Why it’s crucial to embrace self-compassion and self-understanding

  • How to bounce back from life’s challenges stronger 




About Dr. Erica Harris

Dr. Erica has long since lived a life passionate about health and wellness. She had a successful career in this arena as a thriving sports chiropractor. She owned her own well-renowned, multidisciplinary health center, Peak Performance Chiropractic Health Centre, on the west side of Vancouver, just outside the University of British Columbia gates. She was happily married and served as the doting young mom to her two wee boys.  


Dr. Erica excels at culturing positive mindsets, empowering you to rise and own every second of the gift of today, no matter what comes your way. Through her signature 8-week The Empowered Mindset coaching program, she will give you the tools and the road map to use your adversity to serve you best. Erica is also a #1 International Best Selling Author, working with her NY publishing team to launch her new book, Rooted to Rise! Dr. Erica is truly a health warrior!  


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