Ep57: Love’s Hidden Battle: Confronting Childhood Programming with Sharon Morrow

Ep57: Love’s Hidden Battle: Confronting Childhood Programming with Sharon Morrow


About this episode

Join us in this compelling episode of “How to Be Happier for Entrepreneurs.” where we dive into the profound impact of childhood experiences on adult relationships. Our guest, Sharon Morrow, a Rapid Transformation Therapist, shares her journey through personal challenges and client transformations, offering unique insights into happiness and personal development. We explore how early trauma and emotional needs influence our adult lives, relationships, and success. From overcoming co-dependency to helping clients with alcoholism and menopause, this episode is a deep dive into understanding and navigating the intricate web of past experiences and present happiness.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The impact of childhood programming on your adult relationships

  • How does your subconscious mind control your behavior?

  • Strategies to break free from negative relationship pattern

  • The power of hypnosis in self-discovery and healing

  • A story of transformation through understanding one’s childhood upbringing




About Sharon Morrow

Sharon has been a fitness professional since 1998, coaching hundreds to better health and well-being. Her passion extends to providing online and in-person sessions, specializing in women’s health during peri-post menopause. Utilizing Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques, she swiftly empowers clients to achieve their goals through the mind’s power. Sharon’s holistic coaching style emphasizes longevity and vitality for a comprehensive well-being approach.


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