Ep64: Reshaping Reality: A Journey from Trauma to Triumph with Psychedelics with Gevork Orbelian

Ep64: Reshaping Reality: A Journey from Trauma to Triumph with Psychedelics with Gevork Orbelian


About this episode

In this compelling episode of ‘How to Be Happier,’ we delve into the remarkable story of Gevork Orbelian, who moved from Russia to the U.S. at 22 after completing college. Battling an autoimmune disease for over a decade and overcoming deep-rooted personal traumas, Gevork’s journey is one of profound transformation. We explore the role of psychedelics in his healing process, the importance of integration, and how these experiences reshaped his perspective on life. Now in remission and dedicated to helping others through coaching and retreats, Gevork shares insights on the intersection of medicine, psychology, and personal growth.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • How can unmet childhood needs shape your life and health

  • The power of non-traditional drugs in autoimmune healing

  • Why integration makes the difference in psychedelic healing

  • Gevork’s motivation behind his defined purpose in life

  • Reasons to be mindful of your practices when using plant-based medicines




About Gevork

Gevork Orbelian is a psychedelic therapy specialist, based in San Francisco. 
Specializes on integration and maximizing therapist potential in use of psychedelics. 
After undergoing severe mental and physical health problems and healing from it, using psychedelic assisted therapy, he found his mission in helping others, by educating people on use of different plant medicine and practices to improve health and quality of life. 


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