Ep70: Unlocking Success: Happiness and Growth Through The Power of Subtraction with Erin Pheil

Ep70: Unlocking Success: Happiness and Growth Through The Power of Subtraction with Erin Pheil


About this episode

In this compelling episode of “How to Be Happier for Entrepreneurs,” we explore the transformative approach of attaining success and happiness through the power of subtraction with our distinguished guest, Erin Pheil. With a foundation in psychology and digital media, Erin transitioned from leading a nationally-ranked web agency to establishing MindFix, a company that stands out for its unparalleled effectiveness in helping individuals overcome chronic conditions and mental barriers by tackling the root causes. Erin shares her personal journey of overcoming chronic pain, anxiety, and depression and how it inspired the methodology behind MindFix. Through engaging stories of client transformations, practical advice, and Erin’s expert insights, this episode is an essential listen for entrepreneurs eager to unlock their potential by eliminating the emotional and mental obstacles in their path. Discover the philosophy of MindFix, learn about its unique, individualized coaching model, and find out how you can achieve rapid personal growth and transformation.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Why removing obstacles can be more effective than adding new practices

  • MindFix’s unique approach to entrepreneurs’ personal development

  • Common underlying factors that drive entrepreneurs to relentless achievement

  • Erin’s personal journey from chronic pain to founding MindFix

  • A success story of overcoming the crippling fear of sales




About Erin Pheil

Erin Pheil, with a BA in Psychology and an MA in Digital Media, founded MindFix after overcoming chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Her company offers unique and effective solutions, praised as life-changing investments. Featured in various media, Erin delivers keynote talks and workshops on human behavior and rapid transformation. She’s certified in Kolbe, DiSC, and EO Global Speaker and has helped clients achieve public success. Passionate about mountain biking and snowboarding, Erin blends diverse modalities to optimize lives.


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