Ep74: Beyond the Grind: Unearthing Prosperity Through Self-Love and Mindset Shifts with Jonathan Slark

Ep74: Beyond the Grind: Unearthing Prosperity Through Self-Love and Mindset Shifts with Jonathan Slark


About this episode

In this enlightening episode of “How to Be Happier for Entrepreneurs,” we delve into the transformative journey of personal development and self-discovery with our guest, Jonathan Slark. From starting a construction company at the tender age of 18 to navigating the complex world of real estate and business coaching, Jonathan shares his profound insights into overcoming the chains of childhood programming and self-sabotage. His story is a testament to the power of mindset shifts, the law of attraction, and the importance of self-love in cultivating not just a successful career but a fulfilling life. Together, we explore how Jonathan transcended his challenging beginnings—rife with broken family dynamics and financial struggles—to emerge as a beacon of motivation and change. Join us as we uncover actionable strategies for breaking free from the belief that hard work is the only path to success and, instead, embrace a life of abundance and happiness through internal transformation.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Importance of systemizing and adopting a mindset of attracting success

  • How limiting beliefs from childhood can manifest as self-sabotage in adult life

  • Initial steps to recognizing and addressing subconscious limiting beliefs 

  • Powerful benefits of changing one’s beliefs in overall well-being

  • The speed and effectiveness of mindset work in creating lasting change


About Jonathan Slark

Jonathan Slark is an adventurous mindset mechanic and entrepreneur driven by a profound passion for the automotive world. As a mindset and performance growth coach at Quantum Development Academy, Jonathan utilizes his enthusiasm and knowledge to foster personal and professional growth. He’s also the visionary founder of BuildWorks Construction Group, LLC, where he applies his strong work ethic and detail-oriented approach to lead the company toward success. Jonathan’s independence, coupled with his exceptional work ethic, defines his professional journey. He is a self-motivated, results-driven multitasker who thrives on seeking and implementing improvements in every aspect of his work and life. His energy and keen eye for new technologies ensure that he is always at the forefront of innovation, making him a dynamic force in both the coaching and entrepreneurial realms.


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