Ep79: Why You Fail Before Achieving Your Goals and How to Change It with Danijela Mrdak

Ep79: Why You Fail Before Achieving Your Goals and How to Change It with Danijela Mrdak


About this episode

In this powerful episode of “How to Be Happier,” tailored for entrepreneurs, we explore the insightful world of Danijela Mrdak, a former attorney who pivoted her career towards unlocking the potential of the subconscious mind to achieve success. Danijela dives deep into the reasons behind common failures before reaching our goals and offers transformative techniques to change our belief systems and reprogram our minds for lifelong success. She provides actionable strategies for entrepreneurs to excel in health, business, relationships, and even in overcoming challenges with pregnancy. Listeners will be captivated by Danijela’s personal narrative, from her early existential inquiries to a profound healing journey, leading to her passion for helping others break through their barriers. This episode is filled with compelling stories of individuals who have dramatically changed their lives following Danijela’s guidance. Tune in to learn how you can access these powerful tools and connect with Danijela through mind freedom therapy, setting the stage for your own success story.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The critical role of collaborating with the subconscious mind 

  • Laws of the subconscious mind and its impact on our actions and decisions

  • Why it’s vital to align career paths with one’s inner purpose and passion

  • How childhood experiences and parental influence shape our subconscious programming

  • Practical tips for entrepreneurs to harness their subconscious mind


About Danijela Mrdak

Danijela Mrdak is an internationally accredited psychotherapist and licensed clinical hypnotherapist with certifications as an RTT® Associate and Practitioner. Holding an LLM degree, she specializes in transformative therapies that address subconscious and conscious levels, aiding individuals grappling with anxiety, stress, trauma, and stress-related illnesses. Danijela focuses on empowering both men and women to overcome fears, blocks, low self-esteem, and the effects of narcissistic abuse. Through her work, she hears and alters tragic life stories, changing their endings for her clients.


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