Ep95: Traditional Therapy’s Limits: A Therapist’s View with Alun Parry

Ep95: Traditional Therapy’s Limits: A Therapist’s View with Alun Parry


About this episode

Join us as we explore the shortcomings of traditional therapy with Alun Parry, a seasoned therapist who champions alternative approaches to emotional healing. In this enlightening episode, Alun critiques conventional therapy techniques and discusses the innovative methods of trauma removal and memory reconsolidation. Learn why certain negative behaviors might actually be protecting us and how traditional therapy often misses key elements necessary for true healing. Packed with insights from his profound book and his experience in the field, this episode is essential for anyone questioning the effectiveness of standard therapeutic approaches and looking for more impactful alternatives.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • What is meant by trauma and therapy limitations 

  • Challenges of traditional therapeutic approaches

  • Protective purpose of negative behaviors

  • Extraordinary benefits of memory reconsolidation

  • An effective tool for self-managing trauma responses




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About Alun Parry

Alun Parry is the author of “How To Remove Trauma Response: A Memory Reconsolidation Guidebook For Therapists & Coaches” and the founder of FRESH Therapists, where he trains therapists and coaches in effective trauma removal techniques. He also serves as the Director of The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice, specializing in helping adults who experienced unsafe childhoods. His work focuses on advancing therapeutic methods for trauma recovery.


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