LimitlessYou Resources

Step 1: Realize

Self-Love Quiz

Begin your journey to freedom with awareness. Do you have enough self-love? Take this short, 2-3 minute, 12 question quiz to find out!

Rules of the Mind

Learn how the mind works to take back control of your thoughts and live in joy versus live in the joy.

Questions for a Better Relationship

Download our resource of questions for a better relationship.

Step 2: Recode

Book a Freedom & Discovery Call

For more information on the LimitlessYou Formula where you receive a tailored transformation meditation to address your challenges and achieve your dreams.

Marisa Peer’s “I am Enough” Guided Meditation Video

Listen at night before going to sleep to rewire your mind from negative childhood programming to a positive mindset that enables you to solve your challenges.

Release the Suffering Self Guided Meditation

Listen before getting out of bed in the morning to start your day with a clear mind and positive outlook

Step 3: Rewrite

Joy Regenerator

A life-changing tool to help you greatly reduce or eliminate the power of triggers and negative emotions to regenerate the child-like joy you were born with.

Huberman Podcasts

Cutting edge scientific information shared in a simple way that is easy to understand and apply to your life. Each of the following videos have been watched millions of times making a true impact on the global community.

Must Read Books in Priority Order

  • The Way To Love by Anthony DeMello
  • Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
  • Good Morning, I Love You by Shauna Shapiro
  • Loving-kindness by Sharon Salzberg
  • For Parents:
    • Scattered Minds – Gabor Mate
    • Hold On To Your Kids
    • Gabor and Daniel Mate
    • Strong Fathers Strong Daughter – Meg Meg Meeker
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