EP09: How to Create The Life For Yourself That You Love with Heidi Shaner

EP09: How to Create The Life For Yourself That You Love with Heidi Shaner


About this episode

Whether you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or just looking to make positive changes, this episode is for you. Wellness coach Heide Shaner joins us today to share valuable tips for living your best life, including advice to create the life you love. Start making an impact by tuning in!


Key takeaways to listen for

  • What stops people from living the life they love?

  • Trauma: How to recognize it in yourself and ways to overcome them

  • Effective ways to achieve freedom in life

  • Why you need to be cautious in identifying yourself with negative emotions

  • Importance of learning how to communicate and be receptive toward others




About Heidi Shaner

Heidi formerly worked in the fitness industry. After 27 years, she realized she needed to teach people how to train their mindset, not just their body, to spark sustainable, healthy change. Heidi coaches women who know better but need help to do better. She guides them to uncover their unconscious, disempowering beliefs and stories and helps them find the leverage to access internal motivation to inspire change. Now, she is a wellness coach who helps women rewire at the root to live a life of passion and purpose. 


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