EP10: How Your Unconscious Mind Keeps You From Happiness with Annie Yatch

EP10: How Your Unconscious Mind Keeps You From Happiness with Annie Yatch


About this episode

Do you want to create a happier and more fulfilling life? Then don’t miss this conversation with Annie Yatch as she details ways to stop living with your trauma. Listen until the end of the episode to hear her valuable insights into how to break free from your unconscious mind and achieve your life’s purpose.


Key takeaways to listen for

  • The value of acknowledging the subconscious part of your brain

  • Why it’s important to understand your trauma patterns

  • How does the unconscious mind block trauma resolution

  • Impact of transformational trauma therapy on your conscious mind

  • The questions you need to ask to set yourself free


About Annie Yatch

Annie optimizes business leaders by increasing self-awareness, clarity, and direction for higher productivity and profits. After spending years in business building, behavior change, and sales, she entered the individual and team performance fields. Annie saw how beneficial it was to help team members identify their deep-seated purpose, identify what is in their blind spot and create plans of action to shift ineffective behaviors to increase daily productivity and profits.


Today, she’s even more passionate about the best ways to increase the level of performance, engagement, and fulfillment of impact-driven business professionals while at the same time improving business development abilities.


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