EP28: Breaking Free | Transforming Limiting Beliefs Into Limitless Potential with Mitzi Dyane

EP28: Breaking Free | Transforming Limiting Beliefs Into Limitless Potential with Mitzi Dyane


About this episode

Join us on ‘Breaking Free’ as we explore the hidden chains of limiting beliefs that often hold us back. In this enlightening episode, our special guest—a survivor turned life coach—shares their personal journey from an abusive household to empowering others to live joyfully. Discover how they challenge the misconceptions around dating and real estate investment and learn practical tools to identify and overcome your own limiting beliefs. Dive deep into their inspiring story of transformation, and find out how to break free from your mental prison and embrace your limitless potential.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • What are limiting beliefs and how to identify them

  • Self-limiting beliefs and their profound impact on your life

  • How self-love, relationships, and multi-generational patterns are connected

  • The origins of limiting beliefs and how they take root in our minds

  • Helpful advice for individuals who are in an unhappy situation




About Mitzi Dyane

Mitzi Dyane is a life hacker and truth seeker, AKA huge nerd. She has studied the Universal Laws, Laws of Success, Hermetic Principles, Ayurveda (meaning Wisdom of Life), Wisdom of Mystic Masters, the unconscious mind, and how the body and mind work on a deeper level then something clicked. She found cheat codes for life and wanted to share them in bite-size pieces that you can easily understand and implement to start playing life like a game you want to play! 


Mitzi is also a real estate investor, educator, and public speaker. She runs a successful wholesale company, flips and holds multi-family, and knows how to handle commercial deals. She is a licensed broker in Texas and is a leading authority on real estate in the San Antonio, Texas, area.


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