EP29: How To End Negative Self Talk and Find Joy with Dan Barrett

EP29: How To End Negative Self Talk and Find Joy with Dan Barrett


About this episode

Access the best way to eliminate negative self-talk as Dan Barrett joins us today to share his inspiring journey and how it affected all aspects of his life. Discover powerful strategies and insights to transform your inner dialogue, paving the way for a more joyful and fulfilling life by tuning in!



Key takeaways to listen for:


  •  A journey of overcoming a critical inner voice

  • The transformative power of confronting self-imposed limitations

  • Demystifying the link between the subconscious mind and your problems

  • How effective behavioral change happens

  • Ultimate advice for individuals struggling with problems







About Dan Barrett


Dan Barrett is the founder and Head Nerd at AdWords Nerds.His unique approach to finding motivated sellers – combining online marketing best practices with rapid data collection and intense focus – helped dozens of clients grow their investment businesses while spending less time on their marketing.

Today, Dan’s focus is on research and development – finding the next big online marketing channel for investors. He also runs the REI Lead Gen Mastermind, a high-level coaching program that teaches investors the skills they need to market online.In his free time, you can find Dan making music, playing with his kids, and cooking with his wife.



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