Ep52: From Negative $80,000 and Brokenness to Joy: Ultimate Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Ep52: From Negative $80,000 and Brokenness to Joy: Ultimate Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs


About this episode

Dive into an extraordinary tale of resilience and self-discovery with Brad Chandler in this solo episode of ‘How to Be Happier,’ a podcast tailored for entrepreneurs. This episode takes you on Brad’s remarkable journey, from grappling with a negative $80,000 net worth and emotional brokenness to achieving unparalleled joy and success. Brad shares the pivotal ‘Top 25 Life Lessons’ that transformed his personal and professional life, offering invaluable insights for every entrepreneur seeking more than just financial success. Discover how Brad overcame intense personal struggles, reshaped his identity, and redefined success, leading him to a fulfilling life beyond the constraints of conventional achievement. In this inspiring and deeply personal narrative, Brad lays bare the realities of entrepreneurial challenges while guiding you toward a path of self-love, authenticity, and true happiness. Join us for an episode that’s not just about recovering from life’s lows but about soaring to new heights of inner peace and joy.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The power of thoughts in shaping your experiences

  • Valuable lessons to help build meaningful relationships

  • How childhood beliefs influence your relationships in life

  • Why it’s essential to build a positive self-connection

  • Sufferings you might encounter when you live in lies




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