Ep55: From Struggle to Success: A Teacher’s Transformation to Empowerment Expert with Christy Nguyen

Ep55: From Struggle to Success: A Teacher’s Transformation to Empowerment Expert with Christy Nguyen


About this episode

Join us in this captivating episode of “How to Be Happier for Entrepreneurs,” where we explore the inspiring journey of a former teacher who reinvented her life through Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Our guest shares her personal story of overcoming relational struggles, including a shallow connection with her parents and difficulties in being seen, and how these experiences led to physical health challenges like gut problems, hormonal imbalances, and eczema. Discover how she turned her trials into a source of strength, empowering entrepreneurs and high achievers to conquer imposter syndrome self-doubt and elevate their business success. Through insights from her book “All My Love” and her holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit wellness, she provides invaluable lessons on self-discovery and healing. Listen in as we dive into her unique journey, including selling her house and moving to Austin, and hear transformative client success stories that showcase the profound impact of her work.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Christy’s transformative journey from teacher to hypnotherapist

  • How the subconscious mind shapes your perceptions of relationships

  • The connection between physical ailments and mental well-being

  • An inspiring narrative on the life-altering power of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

  • Valuable advice to overcome self-doubt in your personal and professional life




About Christy Nguyen

Christy is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist. She uses neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy to help high-achievers, entrepreneurs, and executives optimize for health, wealth, and success. Her mentor is internationally recognized therapist and author Marisa Peer. Marisa’s methods are the primary influence on her work.


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