Ep54: Beyond Mindset: Creating Tangible Transformations You Can Feel with Paul Norrish

Ep54: Beyond Mindset: Creating Tangible Transformations You Can Feel with Paul Norrish


About this episode

In this thought-provoking episode of “How to Be Happier for Entrepreneurs,” we’re joined by Paul Norrish, a Conversational Hypnotist, who challenges the widespread belief that ‘mindset is everything.’ Through our conversation, Paul sheds light on the often-overlooked power our emotions have in shaping our behavior and success. He discusses the limitations of relying solely on addressing inner blocks as something that can be changed by shifting your mindset alone. He emphasizes the importance of resolving emotional conditioning to break through issues such as self-doubt, irrational fear, and self-sabotage. This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs seeking a deeper understanding of how the power of emotions, not just your mindset, plays a crucial role in your personal and professional growth journey. Discover how to navigate the complex interplay of emotions, thoughts, and behavior to achieve lasting change and fulfillment.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The crucial role of mindset in overcoming limiting emotions

  • Childhood traumatic experiences that could impact your adult life

  • Why you should stop looking for happiness outside of yourself

  • How various emotions serve a purpose in your life

  • A vital component for addressing issues to facilitate rapid transformation




About Paul Norrish

Paul Norrish is a hypnotist based in Toronto, Ontario, with a deep and diverse understanding of hypnosis. He has personally trained with only the best in his field by traveling across North America to master the art of street hypnosis, stage hypnosis, and hypnotherapy. Paul offers a dynamic and comprehensive approach to hypnosis with an ever-expanding set of knowledge, tools, and skills. To motivate and inspire his clients, Paul blends a unique variety of hypnotic principles, ranging from the latest techniques in conversational and indirect hypnosis to more traditional, overt forms of hypnosis, influence, and persuasion.


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