Ep76: Decisions Every Leader Must Make for the Best Year of Their Life with Wayne Salmans

Ep76: Decisions Every Leader Must Make for the Best Year of Their Life with Wayne Salmans


About this episode

Join us as we delve into the life-changing decisions and wisdom of Wayne Salmans, who has bravely faced down life’s adversities to emerge with key insights for leadership and personal growth. This episode offers an intimate look into Wayne’s journey, from confronting his deepest fears and overcoming feelings of inadequacy to establishing a robust identity beyond external validations. His story offers a powerful blueprint for anyone looking to make this year their best by embracing challenges and making intentional choices true to their authentic self.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • A pivotal moment of self-realization and change

  • The underlying beliefs about personal struggles 

  • Wayne’s journey from seeking external approval to discovering self-worth

  • How near-death experiences affect one’s life perspective

  • A coaching strategy emphasizing personal and business growth




About Wayne Salmans

Wayne is the founder and CEO of Hero Nation Coaching, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build meaningful and successful businesses. He’s a business coach and mentor who helps people transform their lives and businesses. He’s helped thousands of people grow their businesses and achieve their dreams. Wayne has been called the empowerment coach, the entrepreneurs’ mentalist, the extreme results guy, and an epic life strategist. In the past decade, he has coached and trained over 6,000 entrepreneurs. Wayne almost died at the age of 17, which jolted him to get clear on his purpose, “to empower people to be all they can be, to help them transform their lives fast.”


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