Ep77: From Depression to Extreme Self-Love: How Living Your Purpose Can Change Your Life with Jay H. Tepley

Ep77: From Depression to Extreme Self-Love: How Living Your Purpose Can Change Your Life with Jay H. Tepley


About this episode

In this episode, we’re joined by Jay Tepley, who shares her remarkable journey from the depths of depression to the heights of extreme self-love, a transformation that unfolded through the discovery and fulfillment of her purpose. Jay’s story is not merely one of personal triumph but a beacon of hope for anyone seeking deeper meaning and joy in their life and work. Through her narrative and the practical insights she offers, listeners will learn the tangible steps toward finding their own purpose, the impact it can have on personal happiness and professional success, and how to integrate this newfound purpose into daily life. Entrepreneurs and individuals feeling stuck or searching for more will find Jay’s story especially compelling, providing them with the inspiration and tools needed to embark on a transformative path of their own.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The significance of understanding one’s purpose in life 

  • 4 levels of the mind and how they can lead to significant personal growth

  • Practical steps and resources for uncovering one’s true purpose.

  • Why fulfilling our purpose is crucial for genuine happiness and fulfillment

  • Success stories of clients who have found their purpose 




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About Jay H. Tepley

Jay H. Tepley is an author, entrepreneur, international speaker, and soul-purpose mentor for A-players in coaching, marketing, and community building. Her New Era Superhero men-only program has shown many men the path to increased revenue, success, impact, and personal fulfillment, helping them become the real-life superheroes this world needs. A lifelong geek and a dedicated researcher, for the last 20 years, Jay has been offering world-class personal transformation across the globe.


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