Ep84: Mastering Happiness and Health: A High-Performance Approach with Shawn Huber

Ep84: Mastering Happiness and Health: A High-Performance Approach with Shawn Huber


About this episode

Join us as we explore the intersection of happiness, health, and high performance with Shawn Huber, a former personal trainer turned high-performance coach who utilizes medical hypnosis to achieve remarkable results. In this episode, Shawn shares his insights on the ‘Pink Elephant Theory,’ the power of subconscious cues, and his unique methods to enhance daily productivity and well-being through simple but impactful practices. He will delve into his personal journey of recovery from a heart attack using hypnosis, his 5-day challenge that transforms routines, and the small shifts that can lead to significant life changes. Whether you’re looking to optimize your health, increase your happiness, or just understand the deep connection between mind and body, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Importance of mindset in overcoming physical and emotional challenges 

  • How subconscious beliefs from childhood impact adult behavior and success

  • Key benefits of aligning your passion with your profession

  • Techniques for improving daily habits to enhance overall well-being

  • The role of hypnosis in addressing deep-seated subconscious beliefs




Kickstart your high-performance journey with The Mental Mechanics! Head over to https://www.shawnahuber.com/ for a free 5-Day Mindset Awareness Challenge. Dive into mind, body, and business coaching and start transforming today!


About Shawn Huber

Shawn Huber is a high-performance coach who helps you work on your mind, body, and business. He has been working with business owners for over 25 years, providing holistic consulting services. You cannot compartmentalize your life. You have to keep your mind, body, and business in balance–here’s how.


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