Ep93: Transforming Lives and Awakening Authenticity with Yvonne Trost

Ep93: Transforming Lives and Awakening Authenticity with Yvonne Trost


About this episode

In this extra special episode, Brad Chandler welcomes his life partner and future co-host, Yvonne Trost, to share her profound journey as a happiness coach. Yvonne delves into the heart of happiness coaching, revealing how it empowers individuals to reconnect with their authentic selves and lead deeply fulfilling lives. Through transformative approaches and compelling personal anecdotes, she offers listeners a powerful path to understanding and mastering their own happiness. Join Brad and Yvonne for an inspiring conversation that promises to enlighten and uplift you, guiding you toward a more joyful and meaningful existence.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • A happiness coach’s role in individuals’ reconnection with their authentic selves

  • Yvonne’s methodology of faster and more profound change

  • The role of community and support systems in sustaining personal growth

  • Importance of distinguishing one’s identity from their profession or societal roles

  • How childhood experiences can affect one’s sense of self-worth and authenticity



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About Yvonne Trost

Yvonne Trost, with certifications including FCX-I, SPC, PMP, RYT, and RTT, transformed her life following a painful divorce in 2014 that ended a decade-long mismatched marriage. This marked a pivotal point where she began rediscovering her true self, moving away from a life of unfulfilled expectations. Her journey led her to explore the connections between mind, body, and spirit, focusing on cultivating stronger relationships with oneself and others. Now, Yvonne dedicates her life to guiding others, helping them illuminate their paths to love and fulfillment through personal development and spiritual alignment.


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