Ep92: Balancing Acts: Navigating Family and Career with Tiffany Sauder

Ep92: Balancing Acts: Navigating Family and Career with Tiffany Sauder


About this episode

In this enlightening episode, we delve into the dynamic world of balancing a demanding career with a bustling family life with Tiffany Sauder, an accomplished entrepreneur who has spent two decades building a successful marketing agency. Tiffany opens up about the challenges and triumphs of managing a career and a family where both partners have intensive work demands. She shares the personal crisis that almost cost her marriage and how this led to the creation of a digital course designed to help others. With practical tips on overcoming overwhelm and insights from her podcast dedicated to two-career families, this episode is packed with strategies for thriving in both professional and personal realms.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • How to maintain a vibrant career and a fulfilling family life

  • Practical systems for effective household management

  • Simple ways to optimize personal time management

  • Explicit vs. Implied expectations in professional and personal relationships

  • An academy designed to empower individuals in leadership at work and home




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About Tiffany Sauder

Tiffany Sauder is a multifaceted professional balancing role as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, CEO, board member, investor, podcast host, and keynote speaker. Eighteen years ago, she founded the marketing agency Element Three and has since been aligning the growth of her business with her family life, managing four kids, three businesses, and two careers alongside her husband. Through her podcast and speaking engagements, Tiffany shares a blend of seasoned career insights and personal stories from her ongoing journey in work, marriage, and parenting. Committed to living a “Life of And,” she embodies the drive to lead a full, ambitious life while embracing multiple responsibilities.


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