Ep91: From Blocked to Liberated: Techniques to Access All You Desire with Abigail Moss

Ep91: From Blocked to Liberated: Techniques to Access All You Desire with Abigail Moss


About this episode

In this inspiring episode, join Abigail Moss as she shares her transformative journey from battling severe depression and chronic illness to discovering the power of manifestation and holistic healing. Abigail combines techniques from Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), shamanic, and somatic healing to help others achieve health, wealth, and spiritual enlightenment. Dive into her story of self-healing from Lyme disease, learn how she helps clients realize they are the creators of their own lives, and discover actionable steps to dissolve the blocks that keep you from everything you want.


Key takeaways to listen for:

  • How alternative therapies unlock profound emotional and physical healing

  • The role of the subconscious in shaping our health and life

  • Powerful potential of manifestation and intentional living 

  • Strategies for self-awareness and addressing subconscious beliefs 

  • Importance of overcoming isolation and connecting with others 




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About Abigail Moss

Abigail Moss is the founder of Mind Body Free and creator of the Medicine Within Method, a unique certification program that combines hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, NLP, life coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She specializes in helping spiritual entrepreneurs overcome subconscious barriers to success through her transformative techniques. Abigail also offers the Sacred + Unleashed membership, providing live clearings, activations, and training to support spiritual growth. Her work is centered on empowering individuals to unlock their unique gifts and fully embody their power and purpose.


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